Striped wool blanket turquoise and black


The blanket was woven in a manufacture in the Beskids on a traditional loom.It is made of 100% sheep wool. You won't want to part with him on the long fall and winter evenings, the woolen blanket really keeps you warm. The wool fibers are coated with lanolin, which is a natural substance and is a barrier to mites. Thanks to this, the woolen blanket is antiallergic.

A woolen blanket with turquoise and black stripes will give character to any interior. It is a very vibrant and energetic combination of colors. It goes well with accessories in saturated colors. It is finished with fringes.

The woolen blanket, unlike the polyester and acrylic ones, does not pick up static. It will keep you warm on cold days but won't make you overheat.

Size: 140x200 cm

Composition: 100% wool

Made in Poland

Shipping time 7 days

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