Sakaido silk scarf


100x100cm silk Sakaido scarf. You can use it in many ways. You can tie it around your neck in several ways, make it a headband and even a turban!

The silk scarf is an accessory that allows you to feel special, even in white T-shirt and jeans. It will change a simple dress into a unique stylization. The scarf is also great as a gift!

The picture on the silk scarf was painted by Kasia Lamik, one of the sisters creating paterns brand. Inspired by apple trees from the garden of Grandma of the paterns brand owners. The name Sakaido is a cluster of the words saku (blossom) and kaidou (apple tree).

Our silk scarves were manufactured by Jedwab Polski Milanówek, a company operating since 1924 in Poland.

Composition: 100% Silk

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

The scarf and packaging were made in Poland.

Shipping time 7 days

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