Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Since you have come all the way down here, your online privacy must mean a lot for you. We feel the same, so we have prepared this document to explain the rules we follow in personal data processing, cookie files policing, and handling other tracking solutions on our website (, including our blog and the e-store.

Some formal information to start with: the website administrator is Paterns sp. z o.o., NIP: 9522220811 , KRS: 0000924382 , REGON: 520062040 , Adres: Zambrowska 10a/9, 04-642 Warszawa

If you have any doubts concerning our privacy policy, you can contact us via e-mail:

Concise Version – Key Information

We care for your privacy, but we also respect your time. This is why we have prepared a shorter version of our privacy policy, outlining the most important things for your comfort.

  • Whenever making an order with our e-store, setting up a user account, editing your profile, contacting us, signing up for the newsletter, you provide us with your personal details, and we guarantee that the information you entrust with us remains confidential, safe and that it will not be made available to any third parties without your explicit consent.
  • We use analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which collect anonymous information about your visits to the website: the sub-pages you have seen, the amount of time you spent there and the path you took from one sub-page to another. To obtain such information, we use cookie files provided by Google and associated with the research solution called Google Analytics.
  • We make use of the marketing tools provided by Facebook and Google Adwords. Again, for this purpose we need cookie files provided by Google to serve Google Adwords, and cookie files provided by Facebook, including Facebook Pixel.
  • You can share the content of our website on social media. For this purpose cookie files provided by Oracle are used to serve the AddThis solution.
  • We display content originating from social media, such as Facebook (likebox) and Instagram (Instagram feed). For this purpose we use cookies provided by Facebook and Instagram.
  • We use own our cookie files too, so that your experience while visiting our website is easy and comfortable.

If you feel you still need some more information, some further details are provided below.

Personal Data

The Administrator of your personal data as defined in personal data protection regulations is

Detailed requirements concerning the purpose, legal basis and the amount of time over which personal data can be processed are defined separately for each case of such processing (see below for more in-depth description of different data processing purposes).

As far as processing your personal data is concerned, you have the following rights:

    1. the right to access your personal data, correct, remove it or restrict the processing,
    2. the right to object against processing it,
    3. the right to relocate your data,
    4. the right to withdraw your consent for processing your personal data for a particular purpose if you have given such consent before,
    5. the right to complain to the supervisory body about any issues related to our processing of your data .

The above rights can be exercised, in accordance with the principles defined in Art. 16 – 21 of the Polish Personal Data Protection Act, by contacting us at We can refuse to acknowledge some of the above rights if by exercising your rights you would contradict our justified data processing purpose. For example, we can refuse to remove your personal data you provided in an order you placed until the expiry of the deadline for claims related to a sale agreement concluded on the website.  

At all times, you provide your personal data voluntarily but this is also necessary if you wish to set up an account, place an order, contact us, withdraw from the contract or submit a complaint, sign up for a newsletter, or add a comment on the blog.

We guarantee that all personal data you provide is kept confidential. We will undertake all safety measures and protection as required by personal data protection regulations. The personal data is collected with due care and is appropriately protected against unauthorised access.

Here is a list of entities handling and processing your personal data for us:

  1. Shoplo Sp. z o.o., ul. Z. Słonimskiego 7/777, Warszawa – for the purpose of Shoplo, a system for processing online store customers’ and users’ data,
  2. CloudPlanet S.A., ul. R. Dmowskiego 14/4a, 80-264 Gdańsk – for the purpose of, a fast invoicing system which processes data for online store’s customers,
  3. FreshMail Sp. z o.o., al. 29 Listopada 155c, 31-406 Kraków – for the purpose of FreshMail, a mailing system which processes newsletter subscribers’ data,
  4. OPTIMA Robert Bakalarski, ul. Nalewki 6 lok. 46, 00-158 Warszawa – for the purpose of outsourced accounting service, which processes the online store’s customers’ data included in the invoices for shopping,
  5. Furgonetka Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., ul. Inżynierska 8, 03-422 Warszawa - for the purpose of postal and courier services in a scope necessary to deliver the ordered goods.
  6. Edrone ltd. – for the purpose of Edrone, a mailing and marketing automation system which processes newsletter subscribers’ and clients data,

All entities we entrust with processing personal data guarantee appropriate measures of protection and safety as required by legal regulations concerning personal data.

User account. When setting up a user account at our store, you must provide some of your basic personal data, such as the e-mail, full name and password.

The personal data associated with the account can be modified by you at any time with the use of the options that are available after logging in to your account.

The legal basis to process the personal data associated with your user account is an agreement for establishing a user account that you conclude with the administrator in accordance with the shop’s regulations.

Your personal data included in the user account is processed by us for as long as the account remains operational, i.e. throughout the entire duration of the agreement for establishing an account at our store. At any time, you can decide to remove the account, which also results in the removal of your personal data from our database. Please note that by deleting your account you don’t remove data related to the orders placed in our store.

Placing an order. When placing an order at our store you must provide your personal data that is necessary to process the order: your name, e-mail, telephone number and delivery address. You can also provide some additional information, such as your company details. If such data has been provided with your user account, it is then automatically entered into the order form - but you can always modify it as needed.

The legal basis to process your personal data included in an order is a concluded sale agreement, made according to the store’s regulations.

The data provided in the order form will be recorded in the store’s database and will be kept there for the time needed for any potential claims related to the relevant sale contract until it expires. Each order is entered into the database as a separate item. On top of personal data, other details concerning an order are also recorded, such as the order date, specification of the goods ordered and value of the order, the delivery and payment methods chosen.

Retrieving an abandoned cart. If you start making an order but abandon the process at some point without completing it, our system will send you a message which will allow you to finish the procedure later. For this purpose, we process the personal data you provide us in the order form.

Invoicing. Whenever an invoice is issued for an order being made, your personal data is processed for this purpose and within the scope necessary to do so. The legal basis for processing your personal data in here is our legal obligation to issue such invoice. Moreover, all our invoices are recorded in our accounting books, and so - naturally - your personal data must as a result be processed as  part of accounting procedures for a period of time that is required by regulations.

Returns and complaints. Whenever you withdraw from a contract made through the shop or lodge a formal complaint concerning the products you bought, you provide us with the personal data included in the Contract Withdrawal Form or Complaint Form - the data is then processed by us to complete the required contract withdrawal or complaint procedures.

The legal basis for processing your personal data for this purpose is our obligation to comply with legal regulations concerning contract withdrawal and/or complaint procedures.

The Contract Withdrawal Forms and Complaint Forms we receive are archived. The fact of contract withdrawal or complaint is also recorded in our e-store system.

E-mail contact. By contacting us via e-mail you naturally provide us with your e-mail address as a sender. As your e-mail may also contain some personal data, such data also is received by us.

The legal basis for processing such personal data is your consent, which is a result of the fact that you initiate contact with us.

Your personal data provided to us as a result of e-mail contact is processed only for the purpose of handling your query. The contents of your e-mail may be archived.

Comments on blog. Whenever adding a comment on the blog you are required to specify your name and e-mail address. Your name will be published along with the wording of your blog comment.

The legal basis for processing your personal data is your consent resulting from the intent of adding a comment.  

Your personal data will remain subject to processing for as long as the blog exists. At any time, you can decide to remove a comment, which results in the removal of your personal data from our database, too.

Cookie Files and Other Tracking Solutions

Our website, like nearly all other website out there, uses cookie files to ensure your user experience is possibly best.  

Cookies (cookie files) are small bits of text information stored on your end-user device (such as a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), which can be read by our telecommunication system.

Cookies help us:

  • ensure correct operation of the website, in line with your expectations,
  • remember your user account logs whenever you visit us,
  • remember your settings during and between website visits,
  • improve the speed of loading and safety of the site,
  • improve the functionalities the website offers for your comfort,
  • provide you with social media functionalities,
  • make use of analytical tools,
  • make use of remarketing tools. More details below.

Cookies consent. On your first visit to our website you are displayed some information about our use of cookies. By accepting and closing the information window you agree that cookie files are used in keeping with our Privacy Policy. You can cancel your consent at any time, by removing cookies files and changing the cookie files settings on your browser. Please note, however, that by disabling cookie files you can make it more difficult for yourself to enjoy our or any other website that uses cookies.

Our cookies. Cookie files come in two kinds: our own and third parties’ ones. As far as as our own cookies are concerned, we use them to ensure the correct operation of the website, especially to:

  • ensure correct functioning of the shopping cart and order procedure,
  • know if you are logged in,
  • remember your logging details,
  • acknowledge your acceptance of the shop regulations.

Recovering your abandoned cart. Cookie files can help us know that you began the process of placing an order. So if you start filling up your cart but do not complete the process, our store system will send you a message that will later allow you to finish your shopping.

Third party cookies. Our website, just like most of other contemporary websites, also takes advantage of a range of functionalities delivered by third parties, which entails using cookie files provided by them. How we use this type of cookie files is described in more detail below.

Social media features. Our website is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to share its content in the social media. The solution makes use of cookies provided by Oracle for the AddThis service.

The website also features a likebox and Instagram feed. To support these functionalities, we use cookie files provided by Facebook and Instagram.

Analysis and statistics. We use cookies to track website statistics, such as the number of people visiting, the type of the operating system, and web browser used to enter the website, the amount of time spent on the website, sub-pages visited, etc. The service we use for this purpose is Google Analytics. The information collected in course of this process is entirely anonymous and it is impossible to use it to identify you personally. The cookie files we use are provided by Google for the Google Analytics service.

Remarketing. We use remarketing tools to send you personalised ads encouraging you to come back to our store. In this regard, we rely on Google Adwords and Facebook advertising tools, including Facebook Pixel. For this purpose we use cookies provided by Google for Google Adwords and cookies provided by Facebook.

Server logs

If you are using our website, this means you send queries to the server on which our website is kept. Each such query is recorded in the server’s logs.

The logs include your IP address, server date and time, browser and operating system data. The logs are recorded and saved on the server.

No data recorder in the server logs is associated with any particular person using a website and we don’t use it to identify you.

Server logs are only used as an auxiliary material helping us run the website and they are not disclosed to anyone else but the persons authorised to handle the server.




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