Olive merino wool beanie


Thick merino wool hat in a olive color.

YOU WILL BE WARM - A hat made of olive merino wool will warm you up durin the coolest winter. There is a triple layer of merino wool on the ears. It is densely knitted, which means it does not let the cold pass through. At the same time, it is made of merino wool, so it makes sure that the head does not overheat.

TWO WAYS OF WEARING - You can wear the merino wool beanie in two ways. With a triple wrapped cuff - then you have a triple layer of merino wool over your ears and the hat is shallow. Just perfect to pull it over your ears.

You can also fold the cuff so that it is folded only once. Then you have with a lot of space at the top.

THE OLIVE COLOR OF A MERINO WOOL HAT beautifully harmonizes with any complexion, with any eye color. It goes perfectly with red! You can choose an olive scarf with a red edge to match the set.

The label is sewn with a loose seam. You can rip it out without any problems.

Composition: 100 % merino wool

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