Navy merino wool 100% socks


Socks made of 100% merino wool, produced in Poland in navy color. If your feet are constantly cold or you have a problem with sweating feet - these socks will be a godsend for you.

NO MORE COLD FEET – Even thin merino wool makes you warm. All thanks to thermoregulatory properties. Wool socks don't have to mean thick socks that won't fit in any shoes. Our socks are thin, and thanks to the fact that they are made of 100% merino wool, they will keep your feet warm.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT SWEAT - if your feet sweat, you need to know that merino wool breathes, takes moisture away from the skin, and most importantly - it does not absorb odors. With merino wool socks sweat will no longer be a problem and you will feel comfortable.

WARM ANKLES - Our merino wool socks are so-called suit socks. They are long, reaching about the middle of the calf, so you will definitely not get cold ankles. They are finished with a welt, which prevents the sock from slipping, but at the same time does not compress the calf.

NO POLYAMIDE - when we say these are merino wool socks, we really mean it. You will not find any gram of polyamide, polyester or elastane in our socks. 100% merino wool. 

MADE IN POLAND - finding a Polish manufacturer who will create 100% merino wool socks for us was very difficult, but we manager to do that! Our socks are a product created in Poland!

CLASSIC BUT... - if you like dark socks, but sometimes want to wear other than black, navy blue merino wool socks will be a great choice. They look great in combination with brown shoes.

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