Merino wool women’s T-shirt Ringo


Women’s loose cut T-shirt with a lowered shoulderline.

Made of soft, breathable and lightweight knit merino wool fabric.

With a hem tag sewn down at the side, the tee can be worn with the neckline at two different heights.

Perfect for the summer heat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. This T-shirt is a good choice for woodland trips, mountain hikes, beach strolls, skiing slopes, and city breaks!

It comes in a range of colour schemes and patterns.

The pattern on the T-shirt is Ringo, which is Japanese for “appletree”. Available also in the kid’s and men’s lines, it symbolises harmony and emotional bonds with your loved ones whoever they are: children, parents, friends or neighbours.

The pattern may look slightly different on every T-shirt.

knit fabric 100% merino wool

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