Merino wool children’s longsleeve oak


Merino wool children’s longsleeve oak. Comfortable children’s jumper with long sleeves. Made of soft, lightweight, breathable merino wool knit fabric. Just the right thermal comfort both on warm and cool days.

Loose cut for unrestricted movement. The sleeves can be adjusted with a button tab sewn on the inside.

This longsleeve has a side pocket in contrasting colour to carry those little treasures in.

The pattern on this garment is Oak. Inspired by the oak leaf, it symbolises strength and longevity. The pattern is also available in the children’s and women’s lines, so it can be a great way to express your bond with the loved ones whoever they may be: kids, parents, friends, sweethearts or neighbours

The pattern is unique on each item.

Composition: 100 % merino wool

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Made in EU


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