Merino wool children's hat in olive green


Merino wool children's hat in an olive color. It is made of a double, thin wool knit.

CHILD WILL BE WARM, BUT WILL NOT OVERHEAT - Merino wool has thermoregulatory properties. So it will make sure that your child is not cold when it is cold outside and that it does not overheat when it gets a little warmer.

PERFECT UNDER HELMET - safety is a must, so you need to have a helmet on a scooter or on a bicycle. But to make it more pleasant or warmer (because you can go crazy on a scooter also at 5 degrees), it is worth wearing something under the helmet. The olive merino wool hat is thin, it will easily fit under the helmet.

TAKES UP A LITTLE SPACE - think how many times when you left the house you thought: "should I put on a hat, or not to put it on?" If you can't make up your mind, just keep your merino wool hat in your pocket. It is thin, light.

WHO IS IT FITTED FOR? - a thin merino wool hat is suitable for children from 1.5 to approx. 4 years old.

Composition: 100 % merino wool

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Made in EU

Shipping time 7 days

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