Merino wool balaclava for children in navy blue


Children’s balaclava made of navy blue-dyed merino wool. A basic piece in a kindergartener’s wardrobe in the cold season!

No more hats that slide down or scarfs that tangle up! The balaclava can be worn under a hood of a jumpsuit, under a helmet, or just by itself.

Thanks to the extraordinary properties of merino wool, the balaclava keeps you warm, drives moisture away from skin and ensures thermal comfort, allowing your skin to breathe.

A perfect choice for long strolls, kindergarten field trips, backyard games, snowman-making, and everyday conquering of the world.

This size fits children between 1-6 y.o. For older children, we recommend the regular hat in adult version.

Also available are children’s hats in varied colours and patterns as well as leg warmers to match.

knit fabric 100% merino wool

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