Preorder Merino fabric dress with V-neck woods


Autumn preorder of dresses between 30.09-13.10.2019

Comfortable merino wool dress with V-neck with long sleeves. Made of lightweight, breathable knit merino wool fabric.

The dress is perfect for autumn, and thanks to its thermoregulatory properties it will also prove useful on those chilly days.
This dress is a good choice for woodland trips, mountain hikes, beach strolls, skiing slopes, and city breaks!

The pattern on this garment is Woods. It’s inspired by the view from our window. Deers are a common sight in the nearby forest, where we often go for walks. The pattern is also available in the women’s and men’s lines, so it can be a great way to express your bond with the loved ones whoever they may be: kids, parents, friends, sweethearts or neighbours.


Because the whole idea of pre-sale assumes sewing exact number of products, in pre-ordered sizes. Thanks to this, we do not take unnecessary risks and we can offer our product at a significantly lower price. We also present ecologically responsible behavior, due to the balanced use of valuable material. Maybe we will earn a little less, but the investment will be more precise and will give us a lot of fun. That's also important. ;-)


Standard version is above knee-length. ATTENTION! If you feel like extending your dress, just enter the extra lenght in cm into the field REMARKS when you are placing your order.


The dress will be sent to you no later than 8.11, one month after the pre-sale is finished.


Yes of course! If the dress does not match, you will be able to return it within 14 days after receiving the package. On the website, however, a very detailed table with dimensions is available. We hope it will make it easier for you to match your MERINO DRESS perfectly!

The pattern is unique on each item.

100% merino wool knit fabric.

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Made in EU

Shipping time 1 month

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