Gray merino wool 100% socks


Gray 100% merino wool socks, which were produced in Poland. These socks will make you forget what it means to have cold or sweaty feet. 

YOUR FEET ARE WARM - Even fine merino wool keeps you warm. Even though the socks are thin and they have power! When you put them on, your feet will surely stop getting cold. Best of all, you'll wear any shoes on these socks - which can be problematic if you're wearing thick woolen socks.

FEET STOP SWEATING - socks made of 100% merino wool breathe, wick sweat away from the skin and do not absorb odors. This means that they eliminate the problem of sweating feet.

SOCKS THAT DO NOT SLIP OFF - Our gray merino wool socks are so-called suit socks. They are long and finished with a wide ribbing that holds the sock in place but does not compress the calf. The sock does not slip off and covers the ankles.

100% MERINO WOOL - the socks are made only of merino wool. You will not find a single gram of polyamide in them.

MADE IN POLAND - after months of research, we managed to find a Polish manufacturer of socks who created the perfect product for us. We have been looking for it for a long time, but we are extremely proud that we made it, and our merino wool socks were made in Poland.

ALWAYS CLEAN ???? - gray merino wool socks are a smart choice. You can't see anything on them, no fluff or dust. If you like to go barefoot at home, they will forgive the poorly vacuumed floor.

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