Women’s merino wool top tengoku

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Women’s merino wool top tengoku Set: women’s merino wool top black and nude Women’s merino wool top pixie Women’s merino wool top nude Women’s merino wool top orange Women’s merino wool top papilio Women’s merino wool top pumpink Women’s merino wool top black


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Tengoku top made of 100% merino wool. Thermal underwear that will keep you warm and comfortable regardless of the weather and activity.

MERINO WOOL – a material with thermoregulatory properties, making it perfect for thermal underwear. 100% merino wool tank top is an excellent first layer. Thanks to it, you will definitely stay warm and when it gets warmer, you will not overheat. Merino wool thermal underwear maintains the correct body temperature regardless of the weather.

SWEAT IS NOT A PROBLEM – If you sweat in a merino wool tank top, you don’t have to worry. Merino wool remains warm and pleasant to the touch, even when wet. In addition, it wicks moisture away from the skin and does not absorb unpleasant smell.

FIT – Colorful merino wool top with a straight cut, thick shoulder straps and a shallow neckline. The merino wool from which it is made is gentle to the skin. It is light as a mist. When you put it on, you don’t really feel like you are wearing anything.

ALL-YEAR TANK TOP – in autumn and winter you will wear the tank top as thermal underwear, and in summer and spring it will become your favorite top worn with shorts. Merino wool is breathable and works well even at high temperatures. Take the example of Venetian gondoliers – their shirts are made of merino wool.

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