Merino wool women's longsleeve woods


Women's Merino Wool longsleeve is loose and very comfortable. The patterned longsleeve made of merino wool has a sewn-in flap and a button, so you can easily adjust the length of the sleeve.

Merino wool has thermoregulatory properties. Thanks to this, the long-sleeved blouse made of merino wool will be useful to you all year round. In summer, when it is warm, merino wool transports moisture away from the skin and prevents the body from overheating. In winter, merino wool keeps you warm.

Our patterns are created by the co-founder of the paterns brand, a painter Kasia Lamik. Each pattern is hand-painted on paper and then printed on knitwear in a printing house in Poland. The print does not dye and wash off, even after many washes.

The Woods pattern on the longsleeve is inspired by the everyday view from the window. We sometimes meet deer in the forest during regular walks. This pattern also appears in the children's and men's lines, which allows you to emphasize the bond with loved ones, whoever they are, children, parents, friends, loved ones or neighbors.

The pattern layout on each T-shirt is unique.

Composition: 100 % merino wool

Made in EU.

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Shipping time 7 days

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