Merino wool women’s t-shirt olive


Olive-colored women's T-shirt with a V-neckline. Made of 100% soft and fine merino wool.

MERINO WOOL T-SHIRT FOR THE ALL YEAR - this is a t-shirt that you will not take off all year round. All thanks to merino wool, which has thermoregulatory properties. In spring and summer, it will be your favorite t-shirt. Merino wool breathes and takes moisture away from the skin. Thanks to this, you will not overheat in a wool t-shirt. In winter and autumn, it will serve as a warm undershirt under a wool sweater or as a basic t-shirt under a jacket. It will keep you warm on cold days.

SWEAT IS NOT A PROBLEM - Merino wool has antibacterial properties, does not absorb odors and dries quickly. Thanks to this, even if you sweat in a merino wool t-shirt, the t-shirt will not smell unpleasant. Merino wool, even when wet, remains pleasantly warm.

NECKLINE ON THE FRONT OR ON THE BACK - The olive merino wool t-shirt has a label sewn on the side, so you can wear it in two ways: with a V-neck at the front or at the back. The neckline is not very deep, so you don't have to worry that when wearing it on the back, the clasp from the bra will stick out. No matter how you put it on, the t-shirt will drape nicely.

WEAR IT EVERYWHERE - a merino wool t-shirt in a basic olive color will always be useful to you. Regardless of whether your everyday life is mountain hiking, cycling to work, playing with children in the sandbox, or spending your days working at the computer at home. In each of these situations, the merino wool t-shirt will become your favorite and you will want to wear it again and again. Easy wear – that’s the perfect phrase that describes this t-shirt.

DON'T NEED TO WASH FREQUENTLY - since you won't want to take it off, good news - merino wool doesn't need to be washed often. If you want to refresh a merino wool t-shirt, just hang it on the balcony overnight. Wool fibers regenerate in contact with oxygen. In the morning, the t-shirt will be ready to wear.

Composition: 100 % merino wool

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Made in EU


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