Merino wool beige sleeping bag


Merino wool baby sleeping bag in beige color. Fastened with a silent zipper. It expands at the bottom and is flexible, so it does not restrict the child's movements. The perfect companion for longer and shorter naps. 

MERINO WOOL TAKES CARE OF THE CHILD'S THERMAL COMFORT - the sleeping bag is made of merino wool, which has thermoregulatory properties. So it makes sure that the baby is neither too warm nor too cold during sleep. We sew it from two layers of merino wool, thanks to which it can really warm baby up, but at the same time retains its thermoactive properties and transmits heat and moisture well.

Every parent goes through this stage - they don't know whether to cover the child or not. If to cover, then with what? When your child sleeps in a merino wool sleeping bag, you can be sure that it will not overheat or be cold.

Have you ever had a leak in your baby's diaper? It happens. That `s fine. Merino wool stays warm even when wet. The child will not feel discomfort.

JUST THROW IN THE WASHING MACHINE - if you have a wet diaper disaster, just throw the sleeping bag into the washing machine and wash it in the wool program. Merino wool does not absorb odors, is easy to care for and dries quickly. After washing, the sleeping bag will be like new.

FEET MUST BE MOVED - each child is spinning and kicking, even while sleeping. It is very important - this is how the child takes care of his hips. Merino wool sleeping bag is flared downwards and flexible, so it does not restrict the child's movements. It also has additional tabs that make it even more space for kicking.

QUICK DIAPER CHANGE - The zipper in our sleeping bag is very quiet and smooth and fastens fast. If you need to change your toddler at night, you can easily unfasten the sleeping bag and change the baby - there is no need to take the baby out of the sleeping bag. A zipper is a more convenient solution than a sleeping bag fastened with press studs.

YOUR CHILD IS SAFE - parents are often afraid that a child covered with a blanket or quilt will cover its face while sleeping. When your baby is sleeping in a sleeping bag, this is not possible. Additionally, it is worth remembering that merino wool is not flammable, even fire blankets are made of wool! The opposite are sleeping bags made of synthetic materials, which melt when exposed to fire.

NO IRRITATION - the merino wool used in the sleeping bag is hypoallergenic. It is a very soft and pleasant to the touch material that will not irritate the baby's delicate skin. We know what we are talking about, our bestseller is the merino wool bodysuit!

The NEUTRAL BEIGE COLOR will work well in every layette.

100% merino wool


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