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When you travel outside of your comfort zone, you better be well prepared. Well enough so that nothing surprises you, and if it does then you can just shrug and take it in stride. In such situations what really counts are convenient solutions, minimalism, light equipment, and reliable items. When I wonder "what is the best clothing for travel?" the answer is simple: merino wool travel clothing.

Merino Wool Travel Clothing

Anyone who spent two or three weeks in the great outdoors clad in synthetic thermal underwear or technical shirts, knows how the body longs for the softness of natural fabrics. For camping trips in the mountains I used to always pack at least one cotton shirt to sleep in, a small luxury of sorts. The problem is that ordinary cotton dampens quickly, takes a long time to dry, and freshness is gone after a single use... Under tropical conditions a cotton shirt will start sticking to the body after a few minutes... I was about to embark on a journey to Africa, from hot savannas to frozen mountain regions. Such a wide temperature amplitude required a reasonable selection of clothes, namely: Merino Wool Travel Clothing.

What is the best clothing for travel?

Paterns clothes were the missing link in my optimal set of obligatory items to pack on trips. I like universal things that fulfill many functions. Paterns make natural, colorful, and thermal clothing.

Expanding the comfort zone?

The four main reasons to invest in merino wool clothes are:

  • Light, breathable fabrics
  • Small size after folding
  • Fast drying
  • No unpleasant odor even after prolonged wear (it's no laughing matter! washing machines are sometimes very hard to come by, and it's not possible to pack a daily change of clothes)

Merino wool Longsleeve BASIC, which I had on me when left the house, I wore for more than a day, until I arrived at Moshi, Tanzania. I also wore it the next day, because despite the heat, I felt better in a long sleeve (I avoided the harsh sunlight). Of all available fabrics, merino wool has the best protection from sunlight, like a natural UV filter. Three days in the same shirt. Please don't think badly of me, but that's not all! After descending from Mount Kilimanjaro and leaving the National Park area, I had it on me for another 24 hours during the return journey. For night flights I prefer comfortable and soft clothes, and what is the best clothing for travel? Of course... merino saved me again. Five days in the same shirt. Sounds bad? After removing it at home, of course, it went straight into the washing machine... but not because it smelled bad. It was still fine! But after collecting the bacterial flora from two African countries and in all possible means of transport it had end up there.

What is the best clothing for travel?

My second little luxury item is a merino dress. Even when traveling to the mountains I pack a little something that will make me feel feminine after finally dropping the heavy mountain boots. I learned this after crossing the GR20 route. The female hikers I met en route were prepared to celebrate the success of completing this most difficult trekking route in Europe. They changed into dresses and still with their big backpacks on, after over two weeks of trekking, they could now enjoy the sun of Corsica gracefully (yes, that's what a dress does for a lady!). I only had shorts. There is no comparison when it comes to comfort! Finally, your belly is not compressed by backpack straps and several layers of clothes, and your thighs are freed from the seams of the pants. A thin dress made of merino wool in colorful patterns is my pick for such occasions. After folding, it does not take up more space than a pair of socks. Oh, and it's suitable for nursing mothers!

I praise only what I've tested myself and I only say what I believe. Merinos conquered my heart! Quality and functionality have their price, but once you try it you will not regret it. After the expedition to Africa, it was clear to me that I would gradually complement my wardrobe with clothes made of merino wool. I definitely recommend putting them on your wish list. Yes, it happened, I am now one of the #merinofreaks!

The original text appeared on the Polish website gorskamama.com, translated and published with the consent of the author.

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