The Beginning

written by: Maciek

Our ‘paterns’ adventure started in the spring of 2016. Kasia worked two jobs back then. As an interior designer for a Big Corporation, and the second as an art student, finishing her diploma in the class of painting - by the way, the subject and scope of her final work deserve a separate entry, which I promise to write in the near future. In any case, the sheer size of her diploma project corresponded with how deeply involved she is in everything she does. Simply put, she gave and continues to give her all.

We already had regular business talks at the time, during which Kasia bombarded me with questions on various subjects. It might seem (it seemed to me at first) that a painter should rather be interested in painting, or the artistic side of business at most. Kasia, however, was interested in everything. Defying all stereotypes, in my opinion she is the most organized and diligent painter in the world ☺

With each subsequent conversation, however, I felt her growing frustration associated with working for a Big Corporation - the management, the level of respect for labour, the emotions, politics, injustice, but perhaps most of all - a sense of undervaluation.

Later in the spring, we took a family stroll around Warsaw's Łazienki Park, and we talked again, and again about businesses, again about the problems, but also about the future. Then I asked Kasia:

"What if I told you today, that you can start your own business? You just need an idea. What do you think?". We walked in silence for a few more minutes. Kasia spoke first: "OK, I want to try". Then I quoted master Yoda and said: “Do, or do not, there is no try". We agreed that by the end of 2016, Kasia will call me up and present her ideas. Then it really took off…


A few months later, Kasia called and… "When you come home for Christmas, I want to talk about these ideas." We came and talked. There were five ideas, we quickly reduced that number to three ideas, that we would continue to work on. Here they are:

  1. Craft Cafe - it was supposed to be a place where people can engage in DIY activities. We were to provide a variety of tools (sewing machines, planers, jigsaws, burners, etc.), coffee and the atmosphere of a pre-war basement… The idea grew out of Kasia's many passions and interests - from metalwork to tailoring.

  2. Personalized Fairy Tales - Every child has their own imaginary friends, favorite toys, etc. What if fairy tales were written about the children themselves, what if they took place in familiar spaces and spoke to their unique imaginations?


  1. A new clothing brand - the idea was general, perhaps geared towards 'children'. We talked many times about how we could stand out, because there’s so many similar ideas… After this meeting, in a summation e-mail from Jan. 14, 2017, Kasia wrote: "combined clothes a'la Mama Lamik! Daddy's Girl and Mommy’s Boy - merino woolen clothes (!), colorful - a promising business with room for development.” It turned out that there was room for development indeed ;-)

In the next episode, I will tell you how we approached the analysis of each idea, what questions needed to be answered and how we came up with paterns



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