Written by: Iza Lamik

I wanted an older brother! I really dreamed about having a wise, patient, strong, older partner in fun. Someone who will give me a boost when I can't reach the shelf, or when the playground climber is too tall. Someone who will step in and have a word or two with the larger children in kindergarten, those who took my crayons, the ones I needed the most... And so I told my mom that my new sibling must be older, because having a younger one does not make sense and seems like a bother... But my mother insisted that it can not be older and it will be fun and it will be tiny and cute and so on. Dad just nodded happily, glad that I did not request a bicycle, because then my mother might have a problem... After what felt like forever I finally got a sibling, which was not only younger, but also a sister!

If that wasn't enough, she was born two days before my birthday, so from that point forward we were destined to always share a birthday party and a single cake. Even though she wasn't my twin or even given to me as a birthday present. Nothing worked out the way I planned, a total snafu. Ha! In addition, when my sister was born, I was sick with mumps, so I felt awful, my neck smeared with some horrible ointment and in general my world was falling apart, there I was on my death bed, and my parents decided to have a new baby! I waited for years for this thing and it was a complete disaster! Can you imagine the hopelessness of a situation when you envision infinity and some wrinkled thing is crying at your side? For some reason as a toddler I could not imagine that this creature lying in the corner will not remain in such a form forever, that it will start following me with her eyes, smile disarmingly, learn to say my name and will call for me constantly. Nobody told me she would imitate me in a charmingly inept way, making me laugh so hard my tummy would hurt. That she will want to do everything with me and she will cry when I leave. And then she will draw pictures depicting mostly branches and will proceed to explain to me that these are camels taking a walk. That we will wear similar dresses to look like a matching pair. That she will learn to sing a song about dogs and will proudly perform it for me. I will listen patiently, applaud and pretend that I can't hear how bad her singing is ;-) Soon, countless plasticine people will live in boxes under my bed. And when one time they are left in the car in the summer hear, they will merge into a homogeneous mass, and I will help to recreate them, even though I hate molding plasticine. And years suddenly fly by...

I don't know when, but she grew up to be taller than me. She turned out to be a fashion and design specialist in our family. Since she graduated it's impossible to out-talk her. It's true we were separated for few years when I moved out of the house, but for both of us it was a very intense time of personal development.

As fully formed adults, we have consciously decided to cooperate. You can observe the fruits of this cooperation on a regular basis. I think (for now) everything's working between us. ;-) Work is moving along nicely, things are going our way.

If in my childhood someone told me that we would co-create something, then - apart from the fact that I would not know what it means exactly - I would probably have convulsions and had to have a prolonged cry! And now? Now I can not imagine that instead of my SISTER I would have some older brother. I mean would I be able to talk about everything and nothing on the phone with him...? Or exchange dresses? How would that work? Older brothers can be great, but my younger sister is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

Over and out!

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