How to dress yourself and your baby while babywearing?

I would like to say that I have extensive experience in carrying a baby in a sling. This is not true as I was carrying my son for only 4 months. Nevertheless, I can say that babywearing saved my motherhood. I very much regret it ended so quickly.

It was like that. My son was born when my daughter was less than two years old. What does it mean? She didn't really understand why I suddenly had to disappear with the baby in another room to put him to sleep. And why should she be quiet then. So putting my son to sleep was a horror. And carrying it on my hands made it impossible for me to build with blocks - after all, my hands were full.

The sling came to the rescue. It turned out that it was enough to put my son into a sling and… he was asleep immediately. In addition, he wasn’t awakened by noises. What's more, I have my hands free and could play with my daughter. Being in a sling helped him with colic, and he didn’t scream for an hour from 7:00 pm, only for 5 minutes, until he got tangled.

I wrote that the adventure with babywearing was short, only 4 months. I was overcome by… heat. I was unable to walk with my son tied to me when the temperature was above 25 degrees. I was very sweaty. He was too. And it is known how sweating + cotton clothes + air conditioning ends. A cold.

So I was done with babywearing. When the temperatures dropped my son had better things to do. He learned to sit, and he no longer wanted to spend his days hugging with his mother.

If I had known how well merino wool works for babywearing, I would probably carry my son in a sling longer. What exactly do I mean?

Merino wool, sweat and babywearing

It's not true that when you wear merino wool t-shirt and a baby wears a merino wool bodysuit, you tie your baby in a sling and it's 30 degrees outside, you won't sweat. You will. What's the difference? Merino wool takes moisture away from the skin. Therefore, when you untie your baby and the wind blows, neither you nor the baby will be cold.

Besides, merino wool dries quickly. Which is also great for breastfeeding. Those who breastfeed know that leaks are a nightmare. That's why merino wool breastfeeding T-shirts work so well.

How to dress a baby while babywearing?

A baby wrapped in a sling is very close to mum (or dad!). Closeness also means that we give our warmth to the baby. And the child warms the person who is carrying it. How to dress so as not to overheat or get cold when we put the baby down? Merino wool comes to the rescue.

Merino wool has thermoregulatory properties. When it's warm, it doesn't overheat. And when it's cold, it keeps you warm. Magic, right?

That is why we recommend merino wool t-shirts for mom and dad when babywearing. And a merino bodysuit for a baby. And when you take the baby out of the sling and decide that it would be good to cover it with something - you will need a merino wool blanket.

Babywearing is closeness

I have already mentioned that carrying a sling is the closeness of a child and a parent. It's good for the child to cuddle up to natural and pleasant to the touch material. Merino wool is very delicate. It does not irritate the skin and is hypoallergenic. Your kid will definitely enjoy cuddling with a merino t-shirt.

I know, merino wool is the best fabric in the world. I hope that now you know that too.

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