For starters!

written by: Iza

Oh, hello! I am very pleased to meet you here, on our blog. This is our first and only blog - for now ;-) We started writing it to fulfill our need to share insights on the surrounding world and stories we are a part of. By ‘we’ I mean all of us - the many creators of this blog - and we hope there will be even more of us soon. Every writer has his own story, personality and a point of view. We live in different places, we have different interests and different roles in life. We found this abundance of experiences and viewpoints interesting in itself and we want to share them with you. We will make sure that each of us will only speak on subjects close to our hearts and that we feel strongly about. There are, of course, a few things that bind us in a big way. Family ties and friendships, for starters. Together, we create our small ‘paterns’ village.

Below I will try to briefly introduce the people writing this blog and outline the topics dear to them. Of course, what they will eventually write is entirely up to them, so there is a possibility this text will have to be altered in a few weeks ;)


Iza is up first - that’s me. Recently I have been completely crazy about natural fabrics, especially wool and its amazing properties. That's why the first entries I will write are mainly about this topic. There’s going to be a bit about clothes, some fun facts, maybe a few tips and tricks, what with what, how and why. I will try to keep it light and interesting ;-)

The main perpetrator of this whole 'paterns' confusion – and also my sister - Kasia, decided to tell you a fairy tale. It’s a bit serious and a bit fact-based, but it’s all magic and amazing adventures. Kasia is quite a serious painter, so it will surely be colorful.

Maciek (my husband) will take us on a journey through the business world. That’s an uncharted territory even for me, so I am more than willing to learn all about business plans, projections, strategies, etc.

We will not stray to far from family matters in the stories of Grandfather Krzyś. Krzyś is a Man of the Stage, so he probably should record video-stories ;-) For now, however, he is going to write. He is my father in law :)

We will hopefully never run out of experts in their respective fields ;-)

One of them is Anna Słaboń, a psychologist, insightful analyst, attentive mother and a great friend. She will share her experiences of working with children, which will allow you to look at the world from a slightly different perspective, maybe it will help us understand a child's world better…?

Igor Spolski will take us on long and very real journeys. A musician, traveler, wonderful madman and at the same time world champion in misplacing the most mundane objects (keys, phones, etc…) and did I mention he keeps forgetting things? He likes to say that the only reason he hasn’t lost himself in his world travels, is because he forgot…

And if you dream of stories quite closer than those from Nepal, then you can delve into the idyllic atmosphere of the Low Beskids. That's where our friend Marlena Pachla has settled down. She will gladly share the details with you, and she has a gift for telling stories, it's impossible to stop listening…

We hope that you will enjoy being here and feel free to come back regularly, comment and tell us your stories. We will try to ensure that there is always something to read about and a lot to see ;-). Find out about new updates by following us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as signing up to our Newsletter.


Have fun!



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